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become a member of the counter terror defense network. and profit from our service

Antipiracy-Tactical-Fight ©:

Ransom and hostage-taking in the maritime sector, cost ship owners and shipping companies, millions of dollars / euros. We advise you, and educate your crew to take all your tactical and for hitback necessary tasks, to obtain team and economy sustainable.

Situational practical awareness training - SPAT:



The original Pvsm - training combines the essential six pillars of modern human security. In this new case it calls: SPAT


- a. the de-escalation

- b. the visualization and analysis of

        aggressors and threats within seconds

- c. the recognition and fast reacting

        of potentially dangerous and

        escalation-prone situations

- d. the crisis management

- e. the resilience / during and after

- f.  direct and fast defense

       in a physical attack. This is a conditioned

       part of your education.