Course Specials:

Anti Piracy Tactical Fight ©: *


Especially for Crews of shipping companies and shipowners, to prepare the crew for a possible hijacking and hostage taking. Psycholgical Crisis training, Pain Training and the resilience to survive dangerous.


Para Terror Defence Fight ©: *


Special Training Program for military groups, with the focus of weapon defense, house and ground combat, pain training and survival without handgun and rifle.


Antiterrorfight - Counterterrorism:


Program in support of governmental and non- governmental organizations in crisis situations related.

Danger of terrorism, assault and handling as well for defense and survival.

Hostage rescue and access tactics included building and environment technology.



Train and Boatmarshall ©: *


Training and education programs for specific groups for acquistion of knowledge, to protect subordinates people on ship or trains. Psychological crisis training, pain training ( conditioning of pain ), hostage rescue and more opponents defense.





All of the above committees are legally protected.


Situational - Practical -  awareness - training ©: *

We educate persons and groups in techniques, mechanisms and scenarios that can be happen on and around the way they work, travel or life.

Hostage taking, amok-run, terrorattack, fire, mass panic or robbery are only a few situations. with our worldwide network you will be informed daily.

You will learn to visualize, recognize, scan and react in time.


The overview, reaction type , defense techniques and a lot of tools from the toolbox we convey to you. 



Special Training Program, based Military college, in close combat, weapon fighting, more opponents defense, knife fighting , disarming, Tactical approach and psychological crisis training / management.

For all those who want to be " prepared ", not to be overwhelmed in any emergency and crisis - situation.



- "We bring you to your zero, you will weep and curse us, but the next day you will feel as chiseled in stone"-


-  Than you will be addictive."



Agent Field Training:


Special Education Committee for military agents and representatives of organizations, armed in dealing with aggressors and enemies, or dealing unarmed. Tactical Training and Dead Point Training.

" We are so sorry about the fitness freaks that constantly, constributed to give themselv like Calvin Klein and others told them".


-Tyler Durden-

"Civilized man is effeminate. Without his Latte Macchiato, he can't go on road. Therefore, ask yourself in any situation that pain is preparing, whether physical or psychological - Is that all, prefer like the others  ?"