We don't teach fighting techniques, we teach survival on the street, in crisis situations and in the military field.

Who we are

We are a non-governmental organization, which is specialized, in the following areas:



-Para Terror Defence ®

-Antipiracy Tactical ®



-Neurological Stroke®

-Train and Boat

 Marshal ®

-VIP Training

-Consulting of and  

 Clearing from Crisis


-Hostage Rescue


-experts of self defence

 and antiterror.


Why we can? 

Because we rely on a very large experience, in terms of military training, millitant oppontents, aggressors and streetfighters.

What we do

Through our global network we have the most current data and information for disposal.


We have daily acces and threat patterns worldwide, informed intercontinental. Wether in Cape town, Belgrade or London.


Assistance, repartriation of hostages and their liberation.

International and the negotiations with the hostage takers in the Maritim sector.

Training and specialization of vessel cuff,  to dealing with crisis and hostage situations are just one of our areas of expertise.


Training of military and paramilitary forces in close combat, weapons defense, urban and ground combat.

Personal Training of VIP's in the military melee, and tactics.



As we work individually and personally, use our contact form.

We will contact you as soon as possible.


Education and Training, this is our Passion.


Against all mediocrity


We are not normal or conventional. We train hard, dirty and middle in life.

Our partners can attest to that.


We train to the ancient samurai rule:


- Train while long as you sleep -



since conventional defense systems, combat sports training are verifiable anywhere. So you can observe even a hint of our defense techniques and tactics , no way, everywhere.


Thus you are trained individually and exceptionally hard, so every crisis will be overcome by you.